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About us

DBCS specializes in designing, developing and managing databases. The company provides a range of services in the field and professional collaborations with the market leaders such as Matrix, Twingo and others.
DBCS was founded in 2008 by Aaron Shilo.

Name: Aaron Shilo

Profile: DataBase Consultant


SQL Server 100%
Oracle 100%
My SQL 100%
SQL Azur 100%
About me

Aaron has over 15 years of experience in database and technology. He is an expert in designing and developing database systems and has the authority of ORACLE and MICROSOFT.

In his past, Aaron professionally led the John Brice Technology area as a CTO. As part of the role, he advises, guides and supports large organizations such as: Cellcom, Partner, Comverse, Oracle Israel, Amdocs, Defense Ministry, Electricity Company, IDF, HP and many others.

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Name: Meital Shilo

Profile: Sql Developer and Web designer


SQL Server 100%
Power BI 100%
Oracle 100%
HTML 90%
CSS 90%
About me

Meital is a Mamram graduate. She has many years of experience in systems development and project management in sql and power bi. Meital is a lecturer at John Bryce and teaches sql, web design and power bi.


Call us for more information: 052-4420730.

Remote DBA Support

As a remote database administrator (DBA) we can be responsible for the design, implementation, and the maintenance of your company's database, and mostly improves the database performance. Our company has tremendous experience with large and small scale database
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Improve Your Bottom Line

We provide database services for your company as Remote DBA while performing the work only if needed, thus reducing your company unnecessary expenses.

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Database Optimization and Tune Up

We specialize in database optimization while tracking down the duration of each stored procedure/ad hoc query which is executed, and after analyzing it, we take action to reduce time of execution.

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